Renting out your property without worries

Are you looking for extra monthly income? Carefree rental of your home is of course a perfect solution for this. Rent your property temporarily or permanently to Team Home Rentals and you will be completely unburdened and receive an immediate return on your investment. We work with both private individuals and investors. By investing and renting your assets to Team Home Rentals you are guaranteed a return and monthly income. Without having to worry about controls and management of your real estate. We can also offer you long-term contracts.

How can we ensure worry-free rental of your property?

Temporary rental

As a private individual or small/large investor, renting out a home without any worries means that you can travel for a while with peace of mind, focus on other important matters and/or build your pension. It is a (temporary) investment that can have a major positive impact on your assets. Everything is taken care of: from rental contract to payment. The chance of theft and/or burglary is enormously reduced and also ensures a good return on the property.

The benefits of temporarily renting out your property

Calculate how much return you make on real estate?

Do you have real estate and are you considering renting it out? Or are you considering investing in real estate? Calculate for free how much return you will make by renting out your home using this free tool.

Rentals for investors

As an investor, you own one or more properties. Naturally, you purchased these properties to earn a return. Team Home Rentals is here to make sure you can enjoy the return without worries. As you know, properties often fall into Box 3. This can obviously be beneficial, as the tax burden on the rental income can then be a lot lower than if it were taxed in Box 1. However, this also means that you may not work for it. With the help of our services, we take care of everything for you. This includes financial services, technical services, maintenance of the property and taking care of payments.

Rental for hotel owners and leisure parks

Do you own a hotel, chalet or vacation park, but a number of rooms/residences are empty? Or maybe you are going to renovate soon, but it will take a few months? Then it can be very profitable to rent to Team Home Rentals. This is because we help fill the rooms with our reliable tenants. The terms are flexible in this, both short- and long-stay. Of course, we can also make sure your space is filled during the off-peak months, such as January, February, March, October, November and December.

Do you need advice on buying or renting your property?

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